Monday, April 10, 2006

You've Got Male?!

J of pomegranate has a great post up about the fact that 12.5% of the China referrals received by Spanish parents most recently were for boys, not girls. Because everyone associates the popularity of the Chinese adoption program with the girl abandonment (and boy preference) issue in China, these statistics are quite surprising. I think most, if not all, male adoptions from China are SN (Special Needs) adoptions.

What's funny is that I had a dream about this a few months ago. I dreamt that when we arrived in China and explained at the passport check desk why we were there, the soldiers manning the desk looked us up in the computer, and told us that our records were in order. And that our SON'S Red Army clearance had been processed, so we would be able to leave the country without a problem.


A boy?

Where did this come from? In my dream, even the referral was for a GIRL, so this was quite a surprise. But we figured that we needed to get past passport control and start talking to our agency, so we let it go.

And I don't remember what happened after that.

How weird is that? I can just see that happening. Because THAT'S MY LIFE. If there is some possibility of something happening during an event, such as my a** of my doctor sending me to the lab with an HIV request form, saying "don't worry, they'll accept it"...the lab won't accept it.

And when I have 12 eggs in an IVF cycle (not a great number in the first place), and some of them should fertilize (but, of course, it's possible that none will)...NONE of them will fertilize.

Which is why I'm adopting. I just can't deal with that crap anymore. (Imma, if you're reading this blog, sorry! Sometimes you just gotta curse!)

But how much do you want to bet that I'll end up with a boy referral, even though I requested a girl?

Now, I don't really care whether it's a boy or a girl. G-d willing, we're hoping to adopt at least a few kids. I was thinking of possibly doing two Chinese girl adoptions, and then maybe requesting a Chinese boy, or, if the likelihood of receiving a healthy boy referral from China was remote, possibly adopting a boy from Korea. Mentally, though, I'm preparing for a girl. But at the back of my mind, I know that if anyone's going to get an unexpected boy'll be me.

Editing notes: Why did I have to teach Blogger spellcheck the word blog? How weird is that?

Oh, and the HIV test was for my adoption physical. And I still don't have the results. Qu*est Di*agnostics should be closed down for ineptitude. So should that doctor's office.

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