Sunday, January 29, 2006

Growth Industry

If you get Print Magazine, there's a two page article about the attempts by China to encourage the acceptance of girls. Look for the article titled "Growth Industry - Millions of Chinese girls are at risk. A public campaign comes to their aid", by Jude Steward. It include pictures of some billboards and a brochure used in the efforts to educate the public in China about the value of girls.

Unfortunately, the article is not online, and I don't want to violate copyright laws by scanning it in and hosting it online, but if you have a friend that's a graphic designer, they may have a copy!

Interesting that I even saw this - we only ordered ONE trial issue at work, and THIS is the issue that has this article. I think I gasped when I saw the entry in table of contents, but nobody noticed! I haven't broken the news to anyone at work yet, but since we're finally getting the process started, my boss will probably find out real soon.