Thursday, February 16, 2006

This is a little different...

Wow. I read over 50 blogs written by people who have adopted from China, or are in the process of adoption, and have been reading most of them since last summer. But they're all pretty much living here, applying with an agency, going through the GREAT WAIT, and then travelling to China to pick up their precious baby.

Now, I've heard that there are some individuals who say, are foreigners living in China for a certain amount of time, who have found babies and have adopted them. The most famous family that I am aware of is Avraham and Rachel Schwartzbaum, who adopted their daughter Devora from China in 1972. They eventually became Orthodox Jews as a result of pursuing a conversion to Judaism for their daughter, and, later on, Avraham wrote a book about the adoption and raising Devora, called The Bamboo Cradle (I would put a link in here, but it doesn't appear to be in stock on the publisher's website or on Amazon).

Imagine my suprise today when I stumbled across this blog. Pam discovered a baby (with a severe birth defect) on her doorstep in China, back in 2003. She and her husband took the baby to the hospital, made sure she got medical care, and are in the process of adopting her. Such a beautiful story...please read her story yourself.


Sunday, February 12, 2006

They're in China right now!

Fling Poo has recently climbed up my list to be one of my all-time favorite blogs. This couple is in China right now, picking up their approximately two-year-old daughter, who is so, so cute. It looks like they're doing a wonderful job with transitioning her into their family, plus they're documenting everything so well!

First, check out their Metcha Day. When you've finished crying, read the update the next day, then what it's like to be the lone americans in a remote part of China and...just read the rest of the blog. Great stuff.
But make sure you don't miss this: How to cross the street. I thought crossing the street in Manhattan was bad.

Blogroll help

Hey, does anyone out there have a good solution for establishing a blogroll? I'm looking at Blogrolling, but just do not care enough to screw around, trying to get their template look more like my blog. Is there an easier tool out there?

I read a LOT of blogs, and would love to be able to link to them. But changing my template to include all of them is a nightmare. It would be great to import select Favorites or something. Or my Bloglines, which I don't want to make public.

OMG I think this is really happening

A bit overwhelmed right now. We got a packet from a home study agency in the mail today, probably the one we're going with (our agency is just a little too far for them to perform the study themselves, so we have to use someone local).

I always knew about the documents I needed, but today I got a better look at the list of required documents.



Good thing about this agency? You know how China requires 4 visits with the agency staff? Well, this agency actually only have 2 in-home visits, then you have to attend a 2 hour training session at their offices, and then you have the session with the "administrative staff" at the office when you dump your entire collection of the aforementioned 31 FREAKING DOCUMENTS on some poor person's desk, and review them with him or her. So that's their 4 meetings, only 2 of which are with your actual social worker.

Listen, I'm not a big fan of 90% of the social workers I've met (and to give you a mother in law has an MSW), so 2 social worker visits only is JUST FINE WITH ME.

Still can't believe this is happening. I'm just praying that all goes well with the homestudy.

* We're actually going to need more than 31, as an adult sibling is living with us right now. So we'll need documents for said sibling, such as abuse/police record clearances, physical, etc. So it really will be about 36. Sheesh.