Thursday, April 06, 2006



This is a radio broadcast from On Point Radio titled "Adopted Chinese Children". Its focus is China adoption, but they also discuss Korean adoption, simply because Korean adoptees are old enough for us to learn from them. Yes, it's long, but very worth listening to. You'll be horrified (and maybe cry) somewhere in the middle, but at the end, you'll be sobbing. I'm still crying.

But it's good stuff.

Please listen.

I can tell you one thing. I will do my utmost to make sure that my daughter has as much exposure as possible to fellow adoptees, preferably Chinese. When you hear the story in the middle, you'll understand why.

I *am* working on establishing relationships with other religous Jewish parents who have adopted from China. I already am close with a family who recently adopted from Korea, and at the party for their son, I met two other adoptive families, one who had also adopted from Korea, and one who adopted from Guatemala. They were very happy to meet us. We know we're going to need all the support we can get!

I'm also still trying to track down two more families in the area, Orthodox Jews who adopted from China. It hasn't been easy, but I *am* spending more time on paperwork now than on trying to track them down.... Establishing contact with them will be more important later when we have to endure the GREAT WAIT (which, to my dismay, I estimate may take at least 12 months after our dossier is sent to China, maybe even up to 18 months). I'll probably want to meet up with them and cry over their daughter.

I'm emotional like that.

Darn, I'm still crying over the radio presentation. Must stop.

(Link to radio broadcast courtesy of an adoptive family Yahoo group)


Avonlea said...

Thank you for posting this, I found it very interesting and it reminded me even more of how important it will be for our family to be very active in Families with Children from China (FCC).

PinkDevora said...

Thanks for the comment!

Your blog looks very interesting. I can't believe I haven't seen it yet!

Yes, the broadcast pretty much scared the h*ll out of me. I'll definitely be staying active within the adoptive community.