Tuesday, April 04, 2006

(Adoption) Video Night

I found quite a few videos tonight that I have to share.

First, a website not listed in my blogroll:
The Cady Chase
Scott & Karen's site (no, not the very famous Scott & Karen's Gwenblog, this is another Scott & Karen's website) *would* be listed in my blogroll if I could figure out how to subscribe to their feed. Really great website, and (probably since he's working on a Mac), he has *great* videos of their recent adoption.

While watching his videos on YouTube, I also found the following:
Adoption of our son Shen (he already has an older sister!)and
A Cambodian adoption video, the first one I've seen!. This was three years ago - I don't think Cambodia is open for adoption right now. This little girl is a CUTIE. It was interesting to see videos of some parts of Cambodia. I thought some parts of China were, um, rustic. I think Cambodia (or at least parts of the country) are worse off. Even the government offices looked pretty poor.

Wait. I just realized that the little girl from the Cambodian adoption video is the older sister from the Chinese boy adoption video! Wow.

Voyage to Meet Aveleen is also really good. This Canadian couple just met their daughter this past December, and she looks really tiny! She must have been very young at referral time. This video has a lot of great shots of Chinese architecture, Chinese people and various attractions.

There's lots more...but I have got to get to sleep. Search for "adoption" on youtube (skip the pet adoption videos), and you'll find a lot of great adoption videos.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, thank you for the compliment on my video's. The children (the boy from China and the girl from Cambodia) are mine as well as the video's. Regards, Meta from the Netherlands ps, no, Cambodia is not open for adoption right now.