Thursday, December 22, 2005

I think I'm coming out of hibernation

Yeah, it's been a long while. I guess that there's just been a lot on my mind, and I haven't been able to organize it enough to be able to post. Otherwise, I end up with long posts that are hard to read.

I know I owe answers to two commenters. Hopefully, my answers will be forthcoming soon. The good thing is that I think we've settled on an agency. I'm not going to say who it is right now, in case something doesn't go well with the application process, but at least we've made some progress!

One of the big questions in my mind was whether my husband was truly, truly committed to doing this. This is common in the adoption world, from what I know. It's hard to tell what the hubby is really feeling sometimes, as he doesn't have my mood swings ;). Much easier to tell how I'm feeling!

But for my birthday, he had told me that he wanted to buy some of the adoption books on my Amazon wish list, but they were all pretty much backordered. So today, he surprised me with (among other things) a new book, called "China, The Beautiful CookBook". It's a great book that combines gorgeous pictures of China (now I can't wait to go!), and then sections devoted to a certain province of China, then a certain category of food (poultry, fish, meat, etc). I can't stand to look at some of the food pictures (complete with chicken heads...ick), and there are quite a few recipes that aren't kosher, but they are *quite* interesting, and there are many that I'm considering preparing. Thanks honey! Good choice! I get the message.

Can you please sign the application and send it in now?

And, just for fun: User Test: The Orthodoxy  Test.

That's right. The quiz couldn't figure out what level of Orthodoxy I am. Funny. I can't either.

Hat tip: Chayyei Sarah, via OrthoMom.


Julie said...

Mozel Tov! I wish you and your husband a smooth process to bring your daughter home soon :)

PinkDevora said...

Thanks, Julie! And Mazel Tov upon your recent arrival from Guatemala!