Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Just to show you I'm not completely ignoring this blog

Posts that are rambling about my head:

* Impressions from the APC conference
* Why I still haven't decided that China is our ultimate destination for adoption...but why I still want to.
* Why I don't want to adopt from Russian, Kazakhstan or Guatemala (never mind India, Ethiopia and other places). This sounds a lot like the second post. Oh yeah, and why we're not pursuing domestic adoption either.
* Trusting in G-d to change my fertility situation vs. adoption
* Reviews of some really great adoption books

Whatever. Sounds a little boring, but I'm hoping someone finds it valuable one day.


Julie said...

Not boring at all :) You may want to add one more agency to your list that would be better suited to your situation. I'm currently working with Jewish Federation Family & Children Services in Philadelphia for our adoption from Guatemala.

Would you mind if I added you to my bloglines?


PinkDevora said...

Thanks Julie, both for the comment and suggestion. I look into their services.

And yes, you can add me to your bloglines - not a problem.

I saw on your blog that you are close to bringing your son home - so exciting! Good luck!

stilhoping12 said...

I would be interested in why you ruled out the countries you did (and domestic). I always find it interesting why people choose the paths they do.

Avonlea said...

Hi I just found you via Amy Esq's blog. I'm just starting out on international adoption as well. (We have to apply for our passports and get the ball rolling.)

We've selected Azerbijian and we have the option of doing a dual program, and I'm leaning more towards Taiwan than China at this point. I guess because I'm an underdog fan - Red Sox, not Yankees (used to be Mets not Yankees). I don't know, it also seems like it's a nice program.

The agency we're going to use is Reaching Out Through Internal Adoption. They are based in Cherry Hill, NJ.

My adoption counselor also like Jewish Family Services for adoptions / home studies.