Sunday, October 30, 2011

And...we're going pretty soon!

Look at that, less than a month before I update y'all again.

We have all our paperwork done which I still can't quite believe, and got our Travel Approval (TA) pretty fast (about 11 days). We are leaving at the end of November to Beijing, and will meet our PD on December 5th, I assume in Zhengzhou. Yes, I'm counting down the days, and having a private celebration each month when we reached the 26th. PD is now 22 months as of last Wednesday! I'm starting to imagine him running around the house and getting underfoot. Let's just say that we are making quite a few changes to our house, for his safety and for my comfort (my husband isn't as picky...such a man ;) ).

Working out the details of China travel while keeping kosher and the Sabbath poses some special needs of our own. I'll have to write out a separate post about that small challenge. Today, trying to finalize our plane tickets, while staying warm at my in-laws. We live in the Northeast and lost power yesterday afternoon, and it got pretty cold in our house, so we evacuated to a warmer location, which also features wireless Internet access. Phew. So much for cleaning out our home office today.

And for any Luoyang Families out there - please make sure to join the Yahoo group for our SWI: It's a good place to find out more details about other children in this SWI and connect with parents who have and will be adopting from Luoyang. Belonging to this group got me updated pictures, and that alone made joining this group worth it.


Melissa said...

Congrats! I know you are ready. I can't wait to see your pics in China!

Shelley said...

So? Pictures? How's it going?