Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Thinking about reality

I have two sisters who live in Israel, so I don't get to seem them very often. They flew in recently in honor of yet another's sister's wedding. (Yes, the wedding was gorgeous. We had a wonderful time. Thank you.)

Since I have more room than most of my family members (odd how not having kids in a 4 bedroom house makes things pretty spacious), tons of toys, and wireless Internet, they hung out at my house for the majority of the time they were here. I didn't mind, as they usually made me supper as well (bonus!).

One sister called me at work one day, and asks me whether I can babysit for her son that night, as she wants to go visit a friend in another city for a few hours. Yes, that would include putting my nephew to bed at my house, and she would then come back at midnight or so and sleep over.

Panic set in immediately. Wait! Considering the fact that this kid lives in Israel and I haven't seen him for months, I don't know his routine! Does he still take a bottle? What goes in the bottle, and at what temperature? What songs does she sing him before he goes to sleep? Does he need a nightlight? Do I have to leave the door open? And what if she doesn't get back before I go to sleep? I don't have a baby monitor and what if I don't hear him crying? What am I going to do if he starts crying hysterically for his mother? HELP!

I mean, I used to babysit a LOT, but my teen years are very much in the past, and I am totally out of practice. Plus I get a little, um, detail oriented sometimes.

Then, reality hit.

I'm lucky that I can even ask these questions. When we adopt from China, we'll be lucky to know anything about the baby's routine, plus we'll be complete strangers who are taking care of her suddenly, and have to put her to bed at night. If I can't handle my nephew, how in the world am I going to handle my Chinese baby?

I'm pleased to report that everything went smoothly that night. Some tears, but they didn't last long.

And I totally need a baby monitor.


figlet said...

Glad you survived! Now I'm all curious to find some other Orthodox families for you who have adopted from China. I'll ask some friends at work. Have you thought about posting on the FCC board? I'm not sure what part of the country you are in - I would be happy to post on the NY board for you.

PinkDevora said...

Thanks, figlet!

You know, that totally did not occur to me. I just renewed my FCC membership, so I should go post something. I did search the membership database for a couple that we were looking for, but they weren't registered.

Anonymous said...

It will be different with your own kiddo. And there will be some adjusting period.

Teri said...

You got some practice in....As Wicked Witch said, it's different when you're "THE MOM" and you know you are "IT".

Ya just do what ya gotta do.

P.S. I'm not an adoptive parent, but in my mind a mom is a mom...

Rick said...

Why not adopt Russian Jewish kids languishing in adoption centers with no one to care?

Third Mom said...

Hi, your blog came up in my bloglines today, so I wanted to stop by and say hi. Hi! You are talking about some interesting things here, so I hope it's OK that I've added you to my blogroll.