Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Notes from the "I Do...Let's Eat" Chinese wedding episode

Notes from the TV show tonight - I have no idea if these are all considered traditional. The groom's family (Chris) was from Hong Kong, and very traditional. The bride's family (Amy) lives in the US and are more Westernized. They had a traditional Western, Christian ceremony first, then had a Chinese banquet at a hotel.

  • When the groom comes to pick up his bride, he has to get past the bridesmaids, who have to approve of him before they let him see her. They make him perform some physical tasks, testing his physical prowess, seeing how much money he has, and how smart he has.
  • But these bridesmaids didn't seem to ask for much.
  • The wedding has to be very elaborate, as it shows the family's stature & financial status.
  • First course: Roast suckling pig.
  • But the bride, groom & bridesmaids had chicken nuggets in the limo on the way to the church.
  • While the guests had appetizers, the bride and groom changed to traditional Chinese attire (gorgeous!), and had a tea ceremony for their parents and grandparents to show their honor for them.
  • Then, BACK they went into their Western dress and joined the guests for dinner. On to the roast suckling pig!
  • Second course: shark's fin soup, the most important part of the entire meal, which portrays the host's wealth. The Chinese loved the soup. Westerners described it as "watery jello".
  • Between the courses, they have a little fun, like playing a version of The Newlywed's Game with the bride and groom. Cute.
  • 5th course: Sea cucumber and abalone.
  • 6th course: Lobster.
  • Overall...10 courses. Before the dessert buffet and wedding cake!
  • The couple loved the whole meal...but Chris says the best part was marrying Amy (awwww!).
  • The couple went into the kitchen to thank the kitchen staff, which was very nice.

I was a little disappointed that this couple barely wore traditional Chinese attire. I know that it's up to the couple, though. My sister in law's good friend, who is Chinese, married a man who was also Chinese (even though that wasn't always her plan). They had a Chinese banquet after their Western ceremony, wearing their traditional Chinese clothing the entire time. And I'm pretty sure that they had 15 courses that went on for hours. But I don't think either wedding had one dish of potentially kosher food at all!


Oh this is too funny. The next episode of the show, immediately following the Chinese wedding, is a Russian Jewish wedding, which is strictly kosher! The contrast could not be greater.

And the announcer is butchering the pronounciation of all the Hebrew words...ha ha ha ha ha.

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