Sunday, March 12, 2006

So, where are we up to?

One of these days, I will post a list of all the steps we have to go through. But this is what we've done so far:

* Chosen an adoption agency
* Sent in the application and application fee ($200)
* Had an intake meeting
* Went thru the homestudy ($1400 so far)
* Got DH's physical
* Scheduled my physical
* Got my employment verification letter
* Got DH's employment verification letter (but I think it won't be accepted)
* Got two referral letters
* Asked for a third referral letter
* Found our marriage and birth certificates and some other documents
* Realized that we have to get new passports next year
* Selected two dossier pictures of us w/family.
* Plan to take some nice formal pictures of us as a couple this Friday. Don't have to, but I've been wanting to do this anyways, so I finally have a good excuse.
* Will be sending in the i600a (Application for Advance Processing of Orphan Petition, or, as I call it "the form asking the government permission to bring in an alien baby") this week, without the homestudy. ($550+ dollars - don't remember the exact amount.)
* Will be sending in other types of documents to the agency this week as well.
* Will be taking pictures of our house as soon as the daffodils bloom, making the outside look real purty-like, and inside pictures, while the house is still clean and neat as a result of the grand homestudy cleanup.
* Will be taking more FAMILY TOGETHERNESS pictures during the festive Purim meal. Before everyone gets drunk. Or maybe after.

I just hope we don't have to wait 3-4 months before the USCIS processes the i600a and invites us down for a fingerprinting appointment. Pray, people, pray!


Starfish said...

Hey Good Luck to you! Isn't all this paperwork fun??? Did you have to get your fingerprints notarized? How does one do that?

What an adventure! I'll stop by to see how you're doing every now and again!

PinkDevora said...

Yeah...gotta love the paperwork.

I already made a mistake filling out the highly entertaining i600a, so now I have to go print another one and start again! At least it doesn't have to be on salmon colored paper already.

We didn't have to get our fingerprints notarized. The fingerprints are just going to the State, not to China, plus I guess they can trust the officer to match our IDs to our faces, and then make sure that these faces are making the fingerprints they're taking!

Good luck to you too!