Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Dead-on Personality Test

Pink Devora's Communication style:

You're the ultimate universal, holistic thinker! Yes, you're a visionary. Everything, including the smallest detail, needs to be synthesized into a framework that answers the question, "How." Before you begin any project or task, you need to see the "big picture." Not one step can be taken until you know how that one step fits into the whole.

Ideas and options are what you're always creating. "Process" is your middle name. Once something seems concrete, structured and complete, you have a way of coming up with a creative option that changes the whole thing and leads to a better building process.

Change, particularly in ideas, is never-ending for you. What you're enthusiastic about today may not be the focus of your energy in a week, a month or year. People that know you see a dynamic stream of consciousness which, given the right amount of time and people support, develops idealistic and artistic themes into living and creative realities. Whether they are software programs, pieces of art, strategies for corporations or new, holistic developments for organic gardening makes no difference.

There is no timeline or deadline for your accomplishments. They are never-ending because you will go back and transform them if they evolve into a different whole within you. That is why in school or at work you procrastinate until the last moment to finish a paper, an assignment for a project. If you do the work early, at a time it's too, you'll have to go back and change completely because you see it in a different contextual whole. So, why redo it?

I'm a visionary! Yay!

I really *do* have to think everything thru before I'll work on something. Even with the adoption process, I've already looked into *all* the details, down to the packing list for China. And in school, or at work, I do end up doing everything later than I should - because that way it gets done properly. Well, according to me, anyways!

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