Friday, September 09, 2005

Great China adoption book

So I splurged on my first adoption book (I've been haunting my local area's library until now, but their selection is pretty minimal), From China with Love, by Emily Buchanan.

I know you've never seen a picture of me, but, trust me, my family is blindingly white. Lots of blonds and redheads in our family, from good 'ol English and Scottish stock (at least, until my uncle married a woman who was half Asian, so I have cousins that look Asian - but we never see them, and our friends and acquaintances don't really know too much about them).

The funny thing is, is that one of my sister's has eyes that look a little Asian. She also has stick straight, very thin hair, but more of a blond/brown color, not black. Frankly, she looks a little Chinese, which is odd. We used to tease her about the fact that she looked different from us unmercifully (I know, I know, we were BAD CHILDREN), saying that she was adopted (OMG I am so horrified now!). Till the day she started crying hysterically that she wasn't adopted. We realized then how much we had hurt her feelings, and never did it again.

Many years later, one of my other (incredibly fertile) sisters gives birth to a daughter who - guess what - has the same shape of eyes as our other, Asian looking sister. And then has yet another daughter a few years later, who - ta da! - also has slanted eyes (what is the PC way to say this? anyone?). And the two of them pretty much have stick straight hair as well.

When I start contemplating internation adoption, I am inexplicably drawn to adopting a girl from China. There is such a pull in my heart to that country! I've looked into many other countries as well, but I'm always drawn back to China.

Which brings me to my point. I buy this book, which is well written and very interesting. I look at the cover, which has a pictures of Emily's two daughters from China. Guess what? THEY LOOK ALMOST EXACTLY LIKE MY NIECES down to their smiles, hairstyles and mode of dress. Literally. I thought I was biased, so I solicited an opinion from my two youngest sisters, who agreed with me. I left the book out on my night table, hoping my husband would pick it up and read it so I wouldn't have to shove it down his throat. He walks by the book, does a double take, and says "Hey! These two girls look just like our nieces!".

Maybe I should include pictures of my nieces in my dossier. See, CCAA? We may be white Jews from America, but one of your lovely little girls may actually look like her cousins!

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